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Curio Platform

Use the power of the cloud and big data to fuel your research and collaboration.

Our Approach

We believe that technology should empower your research, not consume it.

Getting Started

Ready to get to work? Curio is. Find out how to start empowering your research today.

Get Started Free of Charge

When you create an account within the Curio Genomics Platform, your new organization is automatically credited with 50 GB of storage and 100 Computational Units to use for data analyses. This is provided all free of charge with no obligation to continue using Curio and no strings attached - we will not ask for your credit card or any other method of payment while you are enjoying your free trial. The free trial allows you to use all of the publicly available features of Curio: you can create as many projects as you would like, collaborate with as many people as you would like, and execute full data analyses.

With the credit allowances provided, most users are able to upload FASTQ file(s) totaling approximately 200M reads. Then they are able to align & run QC report(s) on that data and even perform variant or other analyses across panels that total approximately 5mbp.

Once your Storage or Computational Units are exhausted, if you would like to continue using the Curio Platform simply contact us and we will work with you to get you back to discovering at the speed of your curiosity.

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