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CURIO Platform

Get Answers to Your Genomic Research Questions in Seconds

CURIO combines analytical processing and data visualization tools into a common toolset, allowing researchers to experiment and ask questions about their data in a very fluid fashion. CURIO's unique incremental and parallel approach to data processing enables researchers to compare, change analytical settings, apply different filters, and more, all in real-time, with immediate results.

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Featured Solution

Product Development Partnership Delivers Integrated Sequencing and Analysis Solutions

Curio Genomics and Daicel Arbor Biosciences product development partnership delivers myCurio™, a fully integrated and flexible sequencing and analysis solution that dramatically decreases the time from sample to answering your research question.

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Curio Genomics and Daicel Arbor Biosciences Deliver Fully Integrated myCurio™ Bioinformatics Platform

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Curio Genomics Joins the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium

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