CURIO | Platform 

Discovery at the Speed of Curiosity

  Real-Time Bioinformatics

CURIO's cloud-based platform stores all analysis results in unique “big data” indexed format that allows you to ask complex and compound questions across many samples with results in seconds.

  Dynamic Visual Data

CURIO brings analytical processing and data visualization tools together into a common toolset, allowing real-time refinement of analysis specificity and sensitivity.

  Intuitive Design

CURIO was designed as a biologist friendly platform to drive novel research insights faster with powerful configuration and optimization capabilities to satisfy any bioinformatician.

Curio Lifecycle

Built to Solve the Hardest Genomics Questions  

All the analyses include interactive visualization tools of the results that can handle the scale of large genomic projects.

Change thresholds when looking at alignments, compare variants detected across multiple samples, look at heatmaps of gene expression data at different p-values, and more. Get instant results with just a click.

Unlike most software applications, CURIO is project- based and not user-based. This means you can add as many collaborators to a project as necessary without additional cost.

Curio Visualizations

Ask More Questions

CURIO empowers researchers to quickly ask more questions of their data by enabling all users to achieve advanced bioinformatics workflows with its powerful, intuitive interface.

Gain Better Insights

Through its ease of use and ability to ask complex and compound questions of the data, CURIO makes it possible for researchers to gain better insights, both expected and unexpected.

Make Faster Breakthroughs

Eliminate the bioinformatics bottlenecks that slow down the discovery process. CURIO enables independent research as well as providing the tools for efficient project collaboration.

Typical Bioinformatics CURIO Bioinformatics
A series of individual, one-off programs and scripts A single, fully-integrated modern big data platform
Time-consuming, tedious, and pipeline-based serial activities Real-time discovery through intuitive analysis-based UI and parallel processing and instantaneous parameter re-filtering
Bioinformatician dependent workflow Biologist-friendly, independent discovery
Requires additional software to visualize results Instantaneous visualization of genomic data for rapid insights
Bioinformaticians spend excessive time on simple configurations Bioinformaticians invest time on complex, value-additive analysis

Get new insights out of your existing FASTQ files. Contact us today to learn more about CURIO and experience real-time bioinformatics. 

CURIO Platform Suite

  CURIO Reports

Download and dynamically visualize your sample data and primary analyses in your web browser.

  CURIO Insights

Biologist-friendly, simple, fast, real-time dataset and cohort analyses to generate “insights”, collaborate with others, and publish results.

  CURIO PowerTools

Powerful options for bioinformaticians & savvy biologists that make complex analyses simple to execute.

  Reports Insights PowerTools
Interactive "real time" data browsers and visualizations
Sample read alignment, variant calling, and coverage analysis
Organized and linked projects, samples, and analyses
FASTQ, BAM and VCF data exports
Multi-sample and cohort-based analysis
Annotate projects, samples, and individual analysis insights
Enhanced VCFs, analysis query, and filtering options
Collaborate and share across multiple researchers
Efficiently run custom-configured jobs on your own
Extended bioinformatics tool and analysis options
Leverage custom or alternate reference assemblies
Additional analysis types